Bart Ramsey

Bart Ramsey is a piano player, accordionist, composer, songwriter, vocalist and producer living in New Orleans. He has performed for audiences on 3 continents, several islands, and an isthmus. For over a decade he toured Europe, primarily Britain, Italy and France, as a piano player/singer-songwriter, working with Neti Vaan and creating bands in various regions. In France he was seduced by the language of cockatoos, fermented grapes, and Gypsy jazz, and fell hard for the pearly sounds of the accordion.

In his bands as songwriter/composer and vocalist, he has released such albums as In Search Of A Cheap Hotel (Ramsey & Vaan), Little Red Wagon (Ramsey & Vaan), Live in Italia (Bart Ramsey & 39 Strangers), and Amnesia Café (Bart Ramsey). He became a founding member of the award-winning but now defunct Vavavoom; and along with his on-going solo projects currently leads Zazou City, the New-Orleans gypsy-jazz band that has released two CDs, Liar’s Moon, and The Man Who Couldn’t Dream. Ramsey has worked and recorded with such musicians as Johnny Vidacovich, Charlie Miller, Anders Osborne, Mike West, James Andrews, Jack Fine, Bruce Brackman, Neti Vaan, Raphael Bas and Matt Bell, Georgi Petrov, Tim Paco, Nathan Lambertson and Matt Rody.

Besides his Bart-Ramsey incarnation and New Orleans gypsy jazz band Zazou City, he currently plays piano with singers Ruby Moon and Miss Sophie Lee, and plays accordion with the Harmonouche trad gypsy band, whom Ramsey performed with at the San Antonio International Accordion Festival in 2013.

As a producer, pianist and writer, he just enjoyed the release of vocalist Ruby Moon’s album, “Vicarious Pleasures”: (